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Ditch the Notebook, Embrace the Future: How the Kindle Scribe Revolutionized My Note-Taking

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It has been a year since I purchased the Kindle Scribe as a 20th work anniversary gift to myself, and I can confidently say it's been a game-changer for my work life. As a busy professional, I constantly juggle notes, ideas, and documents. But for over 20 years, I relied on bulky notebooks and folders, a system that felt increasingly cumbersome and outdated. Keeping track of everything was a nightmare, and searching for specific information felt like an archeological dig.  Then, I discovered the Kindle Scribe, which has streamlined my note-taking in ways I had never imagined.

Why Go Digital?

If you are on the fence about going digital like I used to be, here is why I recommend making the switch:

  • Convenience: E-ink tablets are lightweight and portable, fitting easily into any bag. No more lugging around bulky notebooks and pens.

  • Organization: Gone are the days of rummaging through stacks of paper. E-ink tablets allow you to categorize, search, and access your notes instantly.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Say goodbye to paper waste! E-ink tablets are a sustainable option for the eco-conscious professional.

  • Versatility: E-ink tablets are not just for note-taking.  They let you brainstorm ideas, sketch out concepts, and even annotate documents – all on the same device.

Loving the Kindle Scribe

Here are some of the Kindle Scribe's features that have become my favorites:

  • Read and Write on the Same Device: This is a huge win for me! I can seamlessly switch between taking and reading notes on a book without needing separate devices.

  • Large, High-Resolution Display: The 10.2-inch, 300ppi display is perfect for reading documents, taking notes, and sketching.

  • Premium Pen: The included pen delivers a natural writing experience, mimicking the feel of pen on paper. It is also battery-free, eliminating the need for charging, and boasts a convenient dedicated eraser and a customizable shortcut button on the side.

  • Variety of Templates: There are pre-made notebooks for various purposes.

  • E-ink Technology: Prioritizes reading comfort that is easy on the eyes and boasts exceptional battery life.

How I Have Benefited from Using My Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe tablet with handwritten calculations for a cantilever beam and pressure vessel.

The Kindle Scribe has transformed how I approach learning, organization, and creativity. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Learning: Studies have shown that handwriting can enhance information retention compared to typing. This has been true for me - I find myself taking more detailed notes and recalling them better since switching to the Kindle Scribe.

  • Effortless Organization: Gone are the days of scrambling through cluttered notebooks! With the Kindle Scribe, I have created dedicated folders for each project, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

  • Seamless Brainstorming & Sharing: The Kindle Scribe lets me seamlessly sketch ideas and diagrams directly on the page. I often export these sketches and share them with colleagues via email.

  • Versatile Templates: The Kindle Scribe goes beyond just text. Its variety of templates allows me to sketch freely, create mind maps, track billable hours, and even build graphs – all within the same device.

  • Effortless Editing: No more messy erasures or ghost marks! The Kindle Scribe allows me to easily revise and perfect my notes without smudges or eraser marks.

  • Lunch Break Reads: With my entire Kindle Library at my fingertips, I often use my lunch break to squeeze in a few pages from a book I am reading, making it the perfect all-in-one device for work and personal enjoyment.

  • Streamlined Document Workflow: I can effortlessly send Word documents as PDFs to my Kindle Scribe for editing and markups, perfect for Professional Plus blog posts like this one.


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Beyond Business: A Notepad for Everyone

Kindle Scribe with Kindle Library showing.

While the Kindle Scribe undoubtedly offers numerous advantages for professionals, its utility extends far beyond the workplace, catering to a diverse range of users. For students, it serves as a comprehensive note-taking companion, allowing them to organize their thoughts and annotate textbooks with ease. Artists can use it to sketch ideas, experiment with different brushstrokes, and develop their digital art style. Even for avid readers, the Kindle Scribe enhances the reading experience by combining the functionality of an e-reader with the convenience of note-taking capabilities.

Room for Improvement

While I enjoy my Kindle Scribe, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few areas where I see potential:

Annotation and Page Management

  • More Robust Annotation Features: The Kindle Scribe has a sticky note feature that allows you to add digital sticky notes directly to eBooks. This feature is a good start, but the ability to write directly in the margins of eBooks would be a welcome addition.

  • Bookmarking Notebooks: The ability to bookmark specific pages within notebooks would be a helpful addition for quick reference.

  • Trash Bin for Notebooks: Currently, deleted notebooks and folders are permanently removed. A trash bin feature would allow for easy recovery of accidentally deleted items.

  • Enhanced Note Organization: While you can move pages within a notebook, the ability to copy pages would provide more flexibility. Additionally, allowing users to move and copy pages between different notebooks would be beneficial.

  • Template Switching: The current functionality doesn't allow switching between templates within a single notebook. More flexibility in template usage would be appreciated.

  • Multi-page Selection: Currently, there's no option for multi-page selection within a notebook, making it cumbersome to move or edit multiple pages at once.

Integration, Accessibility, and Convenience

  • Web App Access: The inability to access notebooks on a web browser limits accessibility across devices. Cloud-based syncing and a web app would be a welcome improvement.

  • Cross-device Functionality: Sharing notes and documents can be a bit cumbersome. A welcome improvement would be the ability to seamlessly integrate with other note-taking apps or directly sync notes across devices.

  • Screencasting: It would be a valuable addition to be able to cast the Kindle Scribe's screen to a monitor for presentations or collaborative brainstorming sessions.


  • Comfort Grip Pen: While the included pen offers a natural writing experience, a more comfortable grip design would be ideal for extended writing sessions.

  • Expandable Storage: The inclusion of a  Micro SD card slot would expand storage capacity for users who require additional space for documents and large libraries of ebooks and audiobooks


Handwriting and Advanced Features

  • Handwriting Recognition: While it works well for most things, handwriting recognition can be a bit finicky at times. I'd love to see even better accuracy, especially for those with less-than-perfect handwriting.

  • Simulated Color Export: The ability to export grayscale notes and sketches with user-defined color options would be a valuable feature. This could allow users to represent ideas visually even when working on the monochrome Kindle Scribe.

  • Drawing Tools: The ability to draw straight lines and basic shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and circles, would be fantastic additions.

  • Search Function: There is no direct search function for handwritten notes, although you can email handwritten notebooks as PDFs and use text recognition software to search text. Also, there is no way to search for content within the sticky notes feature.

These opportunities for improvement are based on Kindle Scribe software version 5.16.7. With ongoing software updates, I believe many of these improvement areas have the potential to be addressed in the future.

One Year Later, My Final Verdict

The Kindle Scribe has been a transformative addition to my work life. Its convenient design, eco-friendly nature, and productivity-boosting features have been invaluable. However, the Kindle Scribe isn't the only option in the e-ink tablet market. Devices like the Remarkable, the Kobo Elipsa, the Boox Note Series, and the Supernote offer compelling features for digital note-taking and reading.

Despite the competition, if you're a professional seeking a note-taking and reading companion that integrates seamlessly with the Kindle ecosystem, the Kindle Scribe is definitely worth considering. However, researching these other options ensures you find the perfect e-ink tablet for your individual needs.


Are you ready to revolutionize your note-taking and reading experience? Explore the Kindle Scribe and other e-ink tablets today to find the perfect fit for your professional needs.


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Disclaimer: I purchased the Kindle Scribe with my own hard-earned cash! This review is based on my unfiltered experience. While Amazon has not sponsored me, I am always interested in collaborating with brands that create high-quality products. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss a potential review opportunity.


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